What is an SSD Attorney can assist you in Your Case

Social Security Disability (SSD) is available to those with disabilities who meet the standards set by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Making an application for SSD can be a hassle and difficult. The majority of initial applications are denied However, many claimants have been successful during the appeals procedure.

The skilled Arizona SSD attorneys at Matt Fendon Law Group will guide you through the process of applying and also fight for your rights in appeals if you believe your SSD claim is rejected.

Since more than a decade, the highly skilled Arizona disability lawyers at Matt Fendon Law Group have assisted Arizonans with disabilities to obtain the SSD benefits they’re entitled to. Our attorneys will examine your case, address any questions you may have and assist you in pursuing the benefits you’re entitled to.

What is an SSD Attorney can assist you in Your Case

The Matt Fendon Law Group Matt Fendon Law Group, we aid SSD applicants across Arizona get the benefits they require and deserve. This is how we can help you: Arizona SSD attorneys can help you:

  • Inform you of the benefits you’re qualified for. The process of applying for disability benefits is not easy. The two programs provided through SSA are SSD/SSDI as well as Supplemental Security income (SSI) that is a program based on needs for disabled individuals with limited resources and income. SSD however, on the contrary the other hand, is for people who have worked and contributed to the program. SSD is not tested for means. Finding out if you qualify to be eligible for SSI or SSD can be a challenge. Certain people are eligible to both SSI as well as SSD.
  • We’ve handled these types of claims. Our SSD lawyers know the procedure for applying. We at Matt Fendon Law Group, we are able to make your case clear in a manner that makes your disability clear. We will assist you with obtaining the necessary medical documents from the doctor who prescribed treatment for you. We also can help you get the most from what is in the Blue Book listing, making sure that you meet the requirements. An SSD attorney will assist you in every step of your application to give you the greatest chance of being approved. Similar to most jobs managing an SSD claim is much more straightforward when you’ve done it before. Our Arizona lawyers handle the SSD appeals and application procedures regularly. We have established professional connections with the employees of the agency and Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) who conduct SSD hearings. Matt Fendon Law Group’s attorneys Matt Fendon Law Group know what must be done to ensure a positive outcome to our customers.
  • The majority of SSD claims are at first rejected. The majority of disability claims are rejected. A knowledgeable SSD attorney can greatly increase your chances of approval. A skilled SSD attorney will ensure the application you submit is completed precise and is properly formatted.
  • Many applications are rejected because of technological reasons. Many SSD applications are denied for reasons that have nothing to do with have to do with handicap. The reason for rejection is “technical rejections.” This occurs before the medical issue is even taken into consideration. A skilled lawyer to your side will ensure that your claim will not be denied due to an insignificant issue.
  • Help you in the appeals process. If your claim is rejected, our lawyers will be able to represent you during hearings. Lawyers can present relevant medical evidence and speak with your doctor , or other health professionals who have been treating you. Lawyers can prepare you for any questions the ALJ could inquire about. Your lawyer can also help guide your testimony to ensure that the ALJ is aware of the way your disability has affected your ability to work.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability?

To qualify to be eligible for SSD benefits, the majority of people need to earn 40 credits of work. Twenty credits must be obtained within the past 10 years. If you’re eligible for SSD then you could receive cash reimbursement. Benefits up to one-half of the amount you are disabled are payable monthly to your spouse , or children.

In certain situations spouses who have divorced may be eligible to receive SSD benefits when they are able to meet Social Security requirements. Benefits for survivors may be applicable to surviving spouses as well as children. These Arizona SSD lawyers at Matt Fendon Law Group can assist you to understand the benefits you may be eligible for.

What kinds of benefits are There?

The SSA manages two programs which pay benefits through social security disability lawyer in NYC

Insurance (SSD or SSDI) and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) program, and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

  • SSDI is available to disabled individuals who are between the age of 18 to 65 who have earned enough to be eligible for benefits. The amount of income and assets a claimant earns are not a factor in determining the eligibility.
  • SSI can be offered to those who are disabled or blind, or over 65 and have the least resources. SSI benefits also apply to youngsters under 18 who are suffering from an eligible medical illness.

SSDI benefits are determined by your age as well as your earnings experience over the last 10 years of employment. The more you’ve earned in the past, the more you’ll have contributed to Social Security, and the more you may be eligible to claim every month.

SSI is a means-tested benefit program that pays the disabled with a payment if they are not eligible for SSDI. The eligibility for SSI benefits isn’t contingent on the work record. Instead, it is given to disabled people who belong to some of the categories below:

A SSI applicant must prove the need for financial assistance. SSI helps those who do not have other ways of acquiring the basic necessities. Some examples of possible people for SSI are:

  • Senior citizens who have not had enough work credits in order to be eligible for SSDI benefits but is not able to collect retirement benefits.
  • An individual who is disabled and was not able to be considered eligible for SSDI because of the work experience or the credits of family members.

Can I receive both Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Benefits?

It is mandatory to submit an initial application to be eligible for SSD benefits. Many people are denied disability benefits due to the fact that they did not provide the necessary details. A knowledgeable Arizona SSD legal representative can assist you complete your application. This can significantly improve your chance of getting benefits. The skilled and caring lawyers of Matt Fendon Law Group will review your application to help move the process as swiftly as they can.

Refusing a Claim Denied

In the event that your request to receive SSD benefits is rejected If you are denied SSD benefits, you must appeal that decision within 60 days of the deadline. You may request that the initial decision be reviewed by either mail or phone. Contact the SSA by dialing (800) 772-1213. Tell your SSA representative that you would like to appeal. The SSA will provide you with the necessary form to file appeal.

Request a Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

You need to seek an hearing before you can appear before an ALJ at least 60 days prior to the date of. A knowledgeable disability lawyer could make a huge difference in this phase. An experienced and skilled Arizona disability lawyer can assist you to you present the details of your disability in a manner that can help you to get your claim accepted.

Request Revision through the Appeals Council

When your application is not granted after an hearing with the ALJ If you are denied your appeal, you can appeal to an appeals council. Social Security Appeals Council. An attorney’s help is essential when you apply for an appeals review. An experienced and knowledgeable Arizona disabled lawyer is able to highlight legal mistakes committed by the ALJ at the time of the hearing. If you’re unable to prove that the ALJ did not make a mistake and you lose, you won’t be able to win the appeal.

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