Whatsapp Plus APK 2021

Are you using an android phone? If your answer is yes then you use internet in daily life because now a days internet is an integral part of life. As You know about social media like Facebook ,whats-app and Instagram. Whatsapp plus is the Modded version of simple Whatsapp .Its status is like backbone in life. Through this you can send videos, document files and photos. Mostly people run their business with this application.If you want to use the these type of softwares then Whatsapp Plus Modded Apk is the best option for you simply Download it and enjoy.

More About Whatsapp Plus APK latest Version

This is modified application for android phones so this application comes with new features that’s are hide the blue ticks and also hide the profile picture. One of the best option in this app hide the online status. If your mobile data is on and you are busy in any personal work simply go to your Whatsapp Plus Latest Version app and hide the online status this is most important feature of this app. In this software you can choose the best themes on your own choice and there is also the option of colour changing for themes. if you are using whatsapp messenger app then Whatsapp Plus Modded Apk is the best option for you simply download it and enjoy. This APK is the best way to impress your friends with its quality .Nearly one million people are using this app because its usage is so easy and also cost-free.

Whatsapp plus Descargar 2021

Descarger word is used for the people of  Spain because they know the word of download is descargar in their own language. Meaning of download in spinsih is descarger

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    • In this application you can customize every thing with your own choice.
    • Sending and receiving has very fast speed.
    • You can install the themes with your own choice.
    • In this App size and style of fonts are available.
    • You can send long audios,videos and send many photos on only one click. The color of wallpapers is changeable.
    • Installation process is very easy.
    • Recording status option is available in this software through this button you can hide the recoded status.
    • You can send long files through this app.
    • Its interface is simple.
    • In this app your received and send data in original quality.


  • you can hide last seen and blue ticks.
  • Best advantage is hide the online status and hide view status all these feature are optional.
  • You can change the color of buttons.
  • Block option is available in this application any one disturbing you simply block that person.
  • This application is free of cost.
  • Back up option is available in this application.
  • Best sharing options are available in this Apk.
  • It is Free from adds.
  • Auto reply option is available in this Apk.
  • Its usage is ecofriendly.
  • Available in English language.
  • History of this Application

    As you know Whatsapp App Plus 2020 is Modified version. Since 2012 created by developers. They Changed the some coding and create a new interface for the facility of people.

    Screenshots of Whatsapp Plus


    Process of Downloading

    Process of downloading is not tricky. For downloading follow these steps
    Simply click on download button.
    After clicking on the downloading option a file will be appeared for save the file.
    It contain the setup of this apk which is going to be downloading.
    After downloading the next step is installation.

    Process of Installation

    For installation follow these steps
    Click on the installation button.
    A file comes with instructions. Read these instructions carefully
    unable the unknown sources of your mobile phone for installation.
    When installation process comes end then you are free to enjoy

    How to use this application

    After installation process comes end you can use it easily.
    Simply on the data connection of yoUr mobile phone.
    Click on the Whatsapp Plus icon.
    After clicking on icon an interface can be appeared on your mobile screen.
    Now simply Whatsapp Plus come with a new option of enter your mobile number.
    Enter your mobile number and verify it with OTP code.
    Next option is enter your name.
    After entering the name and number your Apk is fully ready in your android phone.
    Enjoy this app and connect with your friends.


    At the end we concluded that it is modded version of simple whatsapp. All the hiding options are available in it. This is the modded of adding the some features that’s are not available in simple whatsapp.You can use this software any where in the world. You can change the styles of fonts and the color of buttons or options Through this Apk. Whtasapp Plus Mod Apk  has best privacy policy. It has fast sharing option of your data.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Whatsapp plus?
    It is Modded version of Simple whatssapp. That has new features of hiding blue ticks online status and profile picture.
    Is Whatsapp Plus is free or paid?
    This is free of cost.
    Is this secure or not?
    This is secure and trust able.
    Its installation and usage method is easy or tough?
    The installation process and usage is easy and ecofriendly.

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