Play Pubg mobile beta version 1.5.3 (Free royal pass) 2022

Pubg Mobile Beta Version

The pubg mobile is expanding its network. New updates and versions are being introduced for the comfort of the players. So the latest version is pubg mobile beta version APK. It has many new and updated features. Like it has updated Godzilla and has a new vehicle. The pubg mobile beta version was specially created for the sneak peek. As its main feature is to provide a sneak peek.

For this reason, it has a very high quality sneak peek than any other version of this app. It is a new faster version. Pubg mobile beta version APK is assembled with SLR sniper rifle.

what is beta version of pubg

The beta version of pubg mobile is introduced for the new gamers. The player unknown battleground is a testing ground for new players. Here anyone can try a new version, maps, guns before entering the main game battel ground. Pubg mobile is expanding its range of game variety so every player, from noble to pro player, can easily enjoy the game. The beta version is introduced to beginners. So they can polish their pubg gaming skills before entering the main game. When a fully trained player inter the tournament, chances of his winning chicken dinners increases many times.

At the start of pubg, there was the main battleground for all players including a fresher noble to pro player. But then its network of gaming was expanded, and the beta version was introduced. The earlier versions of pubg beta were not so good as of now. Because at that time it was a test for the pubg that will new versions get popularity. But when the player started playing the new version, then pubg made better versions of its product.

More About

pubg beta version new update was excellent. After the latest update, the controls and the maps were very smooth. After the update, now it contains very excellent graphics. The pubg beta version new update was introduced it got recent popularity. Hence, a meager percentage of people play it, but it does not compromise the quality of the game.

Nowadays, the pubg mobile beta version got popular. The developer team of pubg introduces the pubg mobile beta lite version, which is as good as the main version. The pubg mobile beta lite is mainly introduced for the low range innovative range. The processors of these phones can efficiently run the game smoothly. There are slight notable differences between the lite version and the mobile gameplay.

The first one is that the controls of beta mobile and lite both versions are like PC. If you are coming from PC, you will find many authorities, same as in PC. The second and significant difference is that you play with 100 players in a game in main gameplay, But in pubg mobile beta lite, there are only 60 players in the game, which makes the game shorter than usual.

File Information

File Name Pubg mobile beta
Price Free
Version Latest
Update 16/01/2022
Category Game

Pubg mobile beta features

Beta version has many features like, It has new vehicles and weapons. It offers has very will sneak peek. Pubg beta version includes spawning island, which did not fit in the last version. To download Pubg beta version, you need an activation code. It also has an apex supply camp.

It includes Godzilla and also supports PeV settlements. These all features make the game very smooth and wonderful. In the beginning, the apk does not support such features. But now Pubg introduced updated versions which include these features and many other beautiful features lite titan. After these features and many other updates, this version got popular as different versions were popular. The latest version of Pubg mobile beta game updated one day ago is free of cost.

Pubg mobile hack beta version

Many people try to find cheats and hack to win in pubg mobile. Although many people as for Pubg mobile hack beta version. But there is no such version that supports hacking methods or cheats for gaming. Like all other pubg mobile versions, beta versions are also hack protected. The many reasons hackers are not allowed by pubg are because players play on their skills and hacks can beat the talent, which may cause inconvenience of players. So the pubg mobile block and restrict the accounts which may found hacking or using proper ways to win.

pubg mobile beta not working

It is an infrequent question that pubg mobile beta is not working. But many peoples we found to face this issue. Sometimes the beta version on their device entirely not run, and in some cases, it does not work correctly. After examining, many cases there are some tips for fixing such issues. In few cases, it was a server issue that was selected by pubg professional after some time.

In some cases, like in India, it pubg was banned by Indian government. These are the back end issue which can only be resolved by pubg. Other common problems are device-related. Sometimes mid-range devices do not support too many resources, which are downloads by the players. So if you are using a smartphone or android of the low or mid range, then do not download too many resources. It may cause issues in the game. This issue varies from device to device.

In many cases, it was due to not any other man reason. Try to restart the device and connect with a good quality internet. If still there is an issue, use a good VPN. And report the case to the pubg beta support team will try to fix the problem or tell you the solution.

pubg mobile beta download

Pubg mobile beta can be played on both operating systems, iPhone and android. For iPhone, you need to download pubg mobile beta ios. You can download it from the link given below. The pubg mobile beta play store is work on only for some versions. But for all versions, you can download fromĀ


Click here to download

Download Pubg Beta

How to update pubg beta version?

First of all, turn on install from unknown resources, go to pubg mobile website and install and update the beta version. If a new update is launched, the beta version will send you a notification to update the game. By clicking there, your performance will be directly updated.

  • Is pubg beta safe for devices?
    Yes, it is an official game launched by brand PUBG. It is safe for all devices.
  • Is it virus-free?
    Many games manipulate androids with a virus, but the pubg beta version is virus-free and protected from every kind of virus.
  • Is pubg beta version free?
    Yes, pubg beta version is free to play and download.
  • Is it safe for health?
    Playing pubg beta version for a limited time like for a few hours a day, is safe. But continuously playing for hours may be unhealthy.


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