Netbase Quid: Critical Tool for Successful Drug Launch

Netbase Quid is a cloud-based tool for analyzing the social media presence of marketing agencies and brands. It monitors social media posts and brand health and measures online campaign performances. Netbase Quid helps pharmaceutical firms uncover the drivers of brand health, patients’ sentiments, and attitudes toward new drugs. It helps marketers make informed decisions about their campaigns and adverts. Through Natural Language Processing engine, Netbase Quid decodes sentiments behind the written texts and reveals consumer information, including needs, willingness to buy, and attitude. The dashboard platform presents data in charts and graphs, allowing marketers to customize reports.

Drug launch

Pharmaceutical companies face an increasingly challenging landscape and uncertainty in today’s business environment. Most companies do not meet the expected results from launching a new drug due to competition. Pharmaceutical organizations are spending significant amounts of money on research and development to ensure success in launching new drugs. They are adopting a data-driven strategy to avert launch failures. Netbase Quid offers real-time intelligence to help companies make informed decisions that have a long-term effect. Continuous intelligence helps companies discover and monitor consumer sentiments and make decisions based on the most accurate data.


Intelligence connector offers a direct link between patients and drug manufacturers. THE intelligence connectors consolidate diverse social media, news, and blog datasets to help pharmaceutical companies streamline the production and marketing of new drugs. Tracking of marketing performance allows brands to determine the efficacy of marketing efforts and improve their messaging. Intelligence connectors collect data from online sites, help organizations scrutinize risks, and monitor drug launches.


Pharmaceutical firms must monitor their competitors’ drug production, new technologies, and marketing. Through intelligence connectors, firms gain insights that impact how they develop and launch new drugs to the markets.¬†

Use of intelligence connectors

Drugs are meant to solve specific health issues among target patients. Pharmaceutical companies fail to understand patients’ struggles, which affects how the brand appeals to them. Netbase Quid offers a platform that allows pharmaceutical companies to follow conversations about a specific health problem. Successful launch depends on extensive market research intelligence, which helps companies understand patients’ perspectives and struggles. Deploying intelligence connector help companies see the world through the patient’s lens and understand the problem their drug intends to solve. The continuous monitoring and real-time feedback offer insights necessary to move a new drug into the market.

The shift in Consumer sentiment 

Consumer sentiment keeps shifting, and leading brands use advanced market analytics to understand the shift in real-time. Firms that keep pace with the shift in patient sentiment have a chance to succeed in their drug launch. They focus on the shift in consumer sentiments and experience to generate increased revenue. Patients share misleading information, which can lead to significant shifts in sentiments. Netbase Quid can help pharmaceutical firms understand the focus of consumers’ attention and predict the success of their new drug. It helps firms understand specific behaviors and struggle points and develop strategies to turn things around.

Specific indicators

Netbase Quid research helps pharmaceutical companies understand the language used by the targeted patients and develop publications and messages that address their concerns through language that demonstrates that the firms are listening to online conversations. Through Netbase Quid, firms can identify specific conversations on online sites and determine strategies for addressing the concerns raised. Following these conversations before drug launch is critical as it can help firms develop a target profile and conduct campaigns outreach appropriately. It also helps firms understand the age groups participating in the online discussions and develop topics that resonate with the targeted patients.


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