Near Geranium Reviews Is Near Geranium Legit?

Is there anything cooler than a cool car gadget or a multifunctional tool that you can use on a daily basis? Wouldn’t it be great if I told you that you could buy all of these trendy products on one single website?

Currently, we have collected all the Near Geranium Reviews and for their authenticity, we are here to present them to you. There are a variety of products available on this website, ranging from smartphone screen magnifiers to finger guards. The website states that the products are stocked and shipped in the United States.

Also on the website, you can find magnificent offers on a number of items. Let’s find out.

What is Near Geranium?

In, an online store claiming to offer you outstanding and simple gadgets, you can buy products through an e-commerce website. According to them, their products are multifunctional and make your daily life simpler and significantly more enjoyable because they are multifunctional.

But I think that the main question is, is Near Geranium a legit company? A lot of websites nowadays claim to offer you exceptional deals, only to let you down by luring you in with false promises. If you are going to purchase something from a new or unknown website, you should always do some research regarding that website before making a purchase. I encourage you to read the entire post until the end.

Domain created on — 2020.11.10

Mail Address —

Company Address — Hyman Company limited: 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, London, Greater London, England, WC1X 8BP.

Contact Number — Not given on the Website.

Refunds — Available with terms and conditions.

Order Cancellation — Accepted before shipment of the Goods.

Shipping Fee — Free or no charge on orders above USD 37$.

Money-Saving Offers — Multiple offers on every item.

Warranty / Warranty — Accessible as many as 2 years.

Advantages of buying from Near Geranium:

The products are exceptional and attractive.

Exchange returns and returns are available.

The website includes a valid HTTPS connection.

Newsletter or promotional email service is available.

Specifications of each product exist.

Before checking out the Near Geranium Reviews, let’s see the pitfalls, and take a look at the legitimacy of the site.

Disadvantages of buying from Near Geranium:

The in-house customer testimonials are repeating and look fake.

The website has copied content on it such as images and videos.

The social media links are broken or do not exist.

The website still shows New Year and Christmas supplies, meaning that the website isn’t kept well.

Very little feedback about the website can be obtained online.

Even after discounts, the pricing is higher than other alternatives on trusted websites.

The site doesn’t sound that intriguing today, does it? Let us proceed.

Is Near Geranium Legit?

Many elements contribute to authenticating any site. We’ve done comprehensive research for your benefit.

Domain — The domain of the website is only five months old, made on 2020.11.10.

Blog recognition — The website’s popularity is extremely low being a brand new website.

Official Address — The address given on the site is not verified.

Domain name registration title — The site’s domain name is different than the company’s name.

Trust Index score — The website’s trust index is disappointedly low at only 1%

Client Reviews — No confirmed customer reviews are available off the website.

Broken Links — The social media hyperlinks are broken and do not divert.

Payment Techniques — Many checkout methods are available.

A feedback section is available on the official website, but it appears to be a fake as there are only positive comments and they have been copied over and over again. Also, if you leave a comment with your opinion, that comment will be deleted as soon as you leave the page or refresh it.

There are no testimonials available on the website, we have searched everywhere. It is also difficult to look for feedback as the company does not have a social media presence.

The first thing we need to do is get straight to the point. We do not find Near Geranium to be a legitimate website. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of red flags, it is still not a good idea to purchase anything from this website.

There has been a lot of purchases on the website in the past 24 hours, which can be seen by looking at the graph. Taking into account that the amount shown is much higher than the website’s traffic, this proves that it is a fake.

Have you done any Near Geranium Reviews yourself? Would you mind sharing your favorite online shopping site with me? Please let me know in the comments below.

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