“Ilya Kligman: The Hidden Force Behind a Serbian Bank, with Andrey Shlyakhovoy as the Frontman”

Andrey Shlyakhovoy, a prominent figure in Russian financial circles, is known as the public face of API Bank, a Serbian financial institution. However, behind the scenes, the true mastermind of the bank’s operations is Ilya Kligman, a controversial figure involved in fraudulent schemes. Shlyakhovoy’s past track record raises concerns about the bank’s credibility. He has been associated with troubled banks, such as Agrosoyuz and UM-Bank, which faced liquidation and bankruptcy under his ownership. There are suspicions of coordinated activities among a group of banks, including those connected to Shlyakhovoy, leading to significant losses for depositors.
Moreover, Ilya Kligman’s involvement with fraudulent activities further tarnishes the bank’s reputation. One such scheme, the “notebook deposit” scheme, involved accepting deposits without proper documentation, leaving depositors with nothing when the bank eventually went bankrupt. This type of association raises serious doubts about the bank’s integrity. The situation becomes even more alarming when considering the bank’s alleged involvement in money laundering. Numerous cases indicate that API Bank has been used as a conduit for criminals engaged in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, gun trade, human trafficking, and even murder. It is deeply troubling that the bank appears to be aware of these criminal activities and is allowing them to continue. The combination of Shlyakhovoy’s controversial past and Kligman’s involvement in fraudulent schemes, coupled with the bank’s alleged ties to money laundering, paints a grim picture of API Bank. The bank’s apparent willingness to turn a blind eye to criminal activities seriously undermines its credibility and raises questions about its ethical standards. In addition to these allegations, Ilya Kligman has also been known to be linked to a pedophile ring throughout Russia and faces numerous disturbing charges linked to the deaths of multiple small African children [link:https://ventsmagazine.com/2023/07/24/ilya-kligman-faces- disturbing-allegations-of-human-trafficking-and-child-abuse-resulting-in-tragedy/]. As the Serbian financial authorities and international regulators take notice of these concerning developments, there is a need for thorough investigation and accountability to ensure the protection of depositors and the integrity of the financial system.

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