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Now a days All people use android phones. If you have any android phone. Then you can use the Internet easily. Mostly people now a day’s use the Face book twitter and instagram for pictures files or videos sharing but there is a most friendly application that is GbWHATSAPP.  Some of the people know about GB Whatsapp some are not . I want to tell you about the modded version OF WHATSAPP App. Only you can trust on this app for your personal purpose because this software is secure. Its uses is easy for you. if you want share any personal file or document  anywhere in the world you can send through this application. Through  apk you share any video or pictures . GB whatsapp modded apk is best for sharing  and receiving for any soft material.

Click here to Download the GB Whatsapp APP


Why only GBWhatsapp?

Unlimited images send and receive at any time.

Easy to use.

This application is secure from hackers.

If you have already Whatsapp you do not need to un install. So whatsapp Gb download

It is free from adds.


You can use this app in all the android phones.

It has many feactures like hiding last seen or many more.

This application has diferrent themes .

This software is custumised on your choice.

If your are busy in any work and install this app .There is option available for airplane mood.

This application no need any upadates on daily bases.

It has many stickers.

Through This you can create different group on your choice.

Many lattest Emojies are avalible in this version.

Backup option is avaliable on yours need.

Backup setting is  at your Hands if you need then select days or months of backup and also available the button of never backup .

You can share many pictures at the same time.

Screen shots of GB Whatssap

GB Whatsapp apk
GB Whatsapp apk

How to download

Downloading method is not tricky

For free downloading follow these steps.

First of all click the download button.

Next step is  file will be apeard now save this file.

It contains the setup of that app which is going to be download.

How to install

For easy installation follow these steps.

Click on the saved file of  GB Whats app.

Read Instructions Carefully.

Enable the options of Unknown sources in your phone  for installation of GB whatsapp Modded APK.

After some time the software will be installed in your Mobile phone.

After Installation process you can use this app if you want.

How to use this application

Switch on your mobile data.

Press on the button of GB WhatsApp Icon.

After Clicking the icon of interface will be appeared on your mobile.

Now you can enjoy the all features of this Application.


At the End we can conclued that it is best  from other social networks because here your data is save. Any one can not reach your personal data. This app is modded version of Whatsap so it is trust able.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp?

Whatsapp is the simple Software for sending and receiving files images and videos but GB whatsapp is the modded version of Whatsapp that has many Extra Features.

Is this application available for free?

Yes this application for free.

Is GB app is Safe?

Yes it is Safe.

Is apk is Free from adds?

Yes this is free from adds.

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