Downwae com Reviews Is Legit?

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Is Downwae Legit?

Many buyers are hesitant to purchase online due to an increase in online fraud, which is discouraging them from buying online. But if you are a fan of online shopping and, at the same time, want to protect yourself against all kinds of fraud online, look at the indicators below to see how effective Downwae’s portal is in protecting you:

According to reports, the Downwae domain name was registered on 2021-02-27.

The trust index score is 8%, which is very low according to experts.

Buyer’s comments: Only positive comments available on the official site.

Index Trust – 27.9/100

Company contact details – Dice, but it seems to be cliched

Existence of social networks: it has a presence on Facebook, but there are no comments available there

Feedback portal: positive reviews on the official site, but not on any reliable review portal

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