Carrom Pool Mod APK Download V5.4.1[Unlimited Coins] Board Game 2022

Carrom Pool Mod APK 2022

Are you a GAME lover? And you cannot play it with your friends due to Covid. Modern problems need modern solutions. Here we bring a chance for you to play carom with your friends from your place without gathering. Here is a carrom board game online. And it is also for those who cannot afford carom board price. This is an online carrom pool hack app that works like an actual carrom board. Adit can also be played while internet data is turned off.

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More About

Carrom Pool is a paid game. To enter a new match player requires coins and gems which can only be achieved by money from the carrom pool store.  But now carro pool mod apk is launched in which there is no need to pay any money to play or enter a match. It is totally free there are no charges for downloading and playing. The mod apk is launched because of policies many countries do not allow online shopping of games and other google products. So this is the reason for launching carrom pool mod apk. This app is totally the same as the paid version. The game or any other parts of the apk have not been altered.

It Is one of the charming online games with many features. Carrom board Mod APK game has a record of more than 50 million installations on different devices. It has a rating of 3 and can be installed on 4.1 and upper level for smooth running.

The official Developer of Carrom poll games is That is the brand of games and applications. You can also download from the developer website and also there is updated content

If someone does not have carom player friends, you can play it online and make new friends of carom from all over the world. Here you can also play practice matches, Poll disc match and also carom match. Here you have a chance to become a winner. This game was last updated on 7 February 2020

There are different types of games in carrom pool mod APK. The main two are freestyle carrom and disc pool carrom. Size of latest version 3.1.2 of Carrom Pool Mod is 27 MB.

File Information

Name Carrom Pool Mod
Version 3.1.2
Size 27 MB
Update 01/07/2022
Category Game

Carrom Pool Mod APK LATEST Version Features Unlimited Gems

  • Carrom pool APK mod is free.
  • It is ads free.
  • It has excellent quality graphics.
  • This game also is played while offline without using the internet.
  • It is the same as the actual game.
  • It can be played with a friend all over the world in online mode.
  • You can Carrom board games download on Android as well as on iPhone and blackberry.
  • Carrom pool mod APK Unlimited coins and gems download are available worldwide.
  • It is a fantastic game.
  • carrom pool apk old version is available on different websites. But here is carrom pool mod APK update version and also

How to Play?

First of all, download it from And then install it on your device. After initiating the game, you can play it as an actual carom board. All its features are the same as the existing carom board.
In this game, many features could only be open by Gems. Gem is a virtual currency of this game. This game is easy to play due to the smooth controls are installed in it. The latest version of carrom med APK is 3.1.2.

How to earn a Gem?
Earning Gem is not a very big deal. To acquire more gems, you need to win more and more games. In reward, you will get gems. To earn more Gems, win more matches.
It is also a multiplayer game as an actual carom board. Here you and your friends can play a game together easily. carrom disc pool mod APK latest version has unlimited Coins and gems. Miniclip develops and launch this game.
This game has an option to buy different chests like pro chest, master, and supreme chest. You can also avail these options for free by just downloading from our website.

Carrom Pool Mod APK Latest Version screenshots

Carrom Pool Mod APK

How to Download carrom disc pool mod APK android

Downloading procedure for all versions of this game is the same.
Click on the download button.
All download from all unknown resources.
Downloading will be starting after this.
When downloaded, then install the APK and allow it to access the device. After installing successfully, initiate the app and start playing and enjoying the game with your friends and family.
It is a beautiful mind refreshing game. It does not cause any mental sickness as many other games do. Instead, this APK is healthy for the human mind.


Is it a Virus free?
Many games on the internet manipulate devices with different viruses, but this game is virus-free and protected.

Can it harm devices?
No, it does not harm the device, and neither causes any load on the device.

Is it free or paid?
Carrom pool mod apk is free to download and play.

Can this game be hacked?
No, this game cannot be hacked. It is secured with all types of hacker attacks.

Can this game harm the mental health of the player?

This game is mind refreshing. The player makes a focus before a hit. It sharpens the player’s mind. But also remember playing any game continuously for a long time can cause health issues for eyes and mind. For example if someone plays it continuously for hours then definitely screen light affects the eyes. So play games but take breaks after some time.


You have read the whole article where all minor and major details of the cracked version are given. The latest updated version of the carrom pool mod apk is very interesting and amazing. No game lack, free of ads, very high level graphics. It also contains multiplayer mode for both two games of apk. This thing is very interesting. The other main feature is that compared with last one version this updated version is outstanding. All features are very amazing. There is not any fault in the updated version.

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