What are the steps of betting?

It’s impossible to watch a sports channel for more than an hour without hearing about sports gambling numbers. There has never been a better time to bet on your favorite games, since betting on them has become legal both in physical and online sportsbooks.

It can seem intimidating to get into sports betting, what with all the confusing terms and numbers.

The following article is a good place to start if you’re looking to put some skin in the game. Here are the three steps you should take to get involved in the exciting world of sports 20Bet.

1 – Determine Your Bankroll

  The bankroll isn’t the most glamorous aspect of your sports betting strategy, but it’s the most important. You can only make money long-term if your bankroll keeps you from making costly (literally and figuratively) mistakes.

The amount of money you choose should be one that you feel comfortable losing. At the time I created my bankroll, I had mentally written it off as a “purchase” that wasn’t going to pay off.

The next step after allotting money is deciding how much of your bankroll to bet on each play. This concept protects you from losing your entire bankroll quickly.

A typical bettors recommends playing between 2% and 4% of their overall bankroll on a single wager.


When you have $500 set aside for sports gambling, bet no more than $10 or $20 (at most) per play.

2 – Choose Your Sportsbooks

You might think that picking one and sticking with it is the best move with all the betting options on the internet today. It might be the easy way, but it’s not the best.

Each sportsbook has developed a method of attracting new players in order to compete for your money. First-timers who create an account on these sites are usually offered a bonus as a welcome offer.

The bonuses can range from a cash match to free entry in weekend tournaments and many other features that provide an incentive to use their service.

You’ll find these offers to be very beneficial, especially if you’re just getting started. Use the house’s money to learn sports gambling and take advantage of all the freebies. You’ll find that the offers available vary widely, so do your research to find out which one suits your needs.

Choosing just a few sportsbooks isn’t just beneficial for the offers, it also helps you become familiar with different platforms for line-shopping once you start betting.

When you line shop, you look around for the sportsbook that gives you the best odds for a particular bet.


You might be set on taking the Packers -4, but if you look around, you might find them at -3.5.

3 – Learn the Terminology

There are spreads, moneylines, teasers, parlays, etc. It won’t take you long to learn all the sports betting vocabulary you’re currently unfamiliar with.

Browse through some articles online to help you understand what everything means before you get started. At first, you might not understand it, but once you get comfortable with it, it becomes easier than you expected.

Although most sports bettors focus on popular plays like the spread or over/under, the pros (also known as sharps) find value in making plays that others overlook.

So, don’t try out the most complicated betting type you find on a “betting terms to know” article. Before exploring all options, it’s best to start slowly and get a feel for the numbers.


Following these steps doesn’t guarantee you’ll become a world-class bettor, but they do prevent you from falling into the traps that many amateurs find themselves in after a few months.

Here are some parting thoughts that I’d be remiss to leave out.

  • First, remember that success is winning money, not necessarily winning games.

Look for good value (don’t wager a lot to win a little) when you bet and you’ll be able to grow your funds.

  • Second, you’ll go through times where you lose a few in a row.

Don’t stray from the basics trying to turn things around. Good luck!

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