Tips for the first sports bet

Millions bet regularly, and the trend is rising. Many are tempted not just to watch the sports broadcasts but to take part themselves. Are you one of them? Then you may have asked yourself where you should best place your tip. One option available in every major city is local bookmakers, who are happy to take player tips.

There is always the possibility of watching sports broadcasts during opening hours. In addition, you usually meet like-minded people here with whom you can exchange ideas directly during the sports broadcast. Another time-independent possibility is betting on an online bookmaker on the 22Bet mobile app. 

The betting shop has its own rules. Those are the most important. First, finding a reputable provider with a valid license is important. Then playing is legal, and if you win, you can be sure that you will get your money paid out. Still unsure how much to stake? Do not worry. If you don’t know how much to bet initially, you can remain completely relaxed.

Bookmakers give welcome bonuses

There are different types of bonuses, for example, a deposit bonus. For example, if the player deposits 10 $ into his betting account, he will receive a bonus of 10 $.

The vast majority of bookmakers give welcome bonuses that players can use to try out betting risk-free. Even a small deposit amount is sufficient for the sports betting bonus to be credited. The welcome bonus usually doubles the deposit.

Which bets are interesting?

Horse race

Horse racing has long been popular with avid bettors.

Soccer bets are particularly popular with European betting shops. There are various games to choose from, from the amateur class to the Champions League. Players like to bet on tennis, ice hockey, handball, basketball, or fringe sports such as cricket or rugby. There are many other ways to bet on the Internet. Such as how the weather will be at a game.

If you want to calculate real chances of winning the bets, you should bet on sports that you know about. Because if you can assess the teams and their performance levels well, you can also give realistic tips.

A good start is the classic bets 1X2. You bet on victory, defeat, or a draw. With a combination bet, it is possible to bet on several games. In the end, however, all tips must be correct to win.

The amount of the wager

The stake depends on the betting balance. It is advisable to make a small deposit, for example, ten or twenty $. Even if you are sure that you are right with your bet, you should not bet more than 25 to 50 percent of the betting balance.

Tip: never bet more than 1/3 of the betting credit on one bet

If she is lost, there is great trouble. Then there is the danger of depositing again directly and gambling even more money. Experienced tipsters with a higher betting balance do not bet more than five to ten percent of their capital.

If a bet is lost, the incentive to bet again immediately is great

If there is still betting credit in the player account, nothing can prevent it. The advice of the pros is: never give a new tip out of emotion. Before the new tip, it is just as important to inform yourself as before the first tip. If you have already gambled away all your credit, you should take a little break.

Golden rules for sports betting beginners

Rule number 1: When betting, only ever bet so much money that the loss does not hurt. This is important to analyze calmly and objectively, even if all the money should be lost. Anyone who puts themselves under pressure through possible debts does not make a sensible decision, and the Sports bets are lost.

Rule number 2: When it comes to sports betting, knowledge makes the difference. In contrast to a lottery or lottery game, which depends on chance, sports betting can be assessed well. Players who inform themselves in advance have a good chance of assessing and predicting the outcome of a sporting competition. In the last games that the opponents played together, injured players and changed coaches can influence the result. If you know that, you can guess more accurately.

Rule number 3: If the odds are low, this indicates a low risk and minimal profit. It is essential to consider whether the stake and the profit are still in good relation. Many newcomers make the mistake of betting on high favorites, which then also have correspondingly low odds. With high odds, you can make a big profit with a small stake if the team wins.

Rule number 4: Bookmaker odds are not always reliable signals. Often enough, they do not correspond to the current performance profile of the teams. The clear favorite is often associated with very high odds in less well-known events. It’s worth finding out.

Rule number 5: It is essential always to be factual when betting, especially when your favorite team plays. Very few fans judge “their team” objectively. That is why it is better not to bet here.

Rule number 6: Friendlies often have a surprise in store. They are difficult to predict, so they are not suitable for sure bets. It’s difficult to predict how seriously the players will take the game or whether the coach might try something new or rest the best players. Cup matches also follow their laws. Often the favorites end up doing badly, and the underdogs clear away. The level of performance of the teams in league operations is not necessarily a criterion for assessing the games.

Rule number 7: It is essential to look at the odds. If the betting provider is not 100 percent reputable, there may be problems with the payout.


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