Spilled Water on Your Laptop? Here’s What You Can Do

Believe it or not, there are one too many occasions where people have spilled water on their laptops. Although water and technology indeed make a poor couple, having a cup of water spilled accidentally on your laptop does not always have to be as fatal as it may seem.

That said, when it does happen, time is of the essence, because every minute counts. Why? You probably have a lot of important data and files on your laptop, both personal and work/school related.

In other words, if you don’t take quick action to salvage your laptop in the shortest possible time, you might end up losing all the data. Sometimes the damage is so bad that there’s no way for you to save your laptop.

That is why we have decided to share with you what has to be done if you spill water on your laptop. We hope you’re connected to reliable internet, such as Att internet so that you can follow the steps below without the internet reconnecting all the time.

Let’s begin!

Do Not Panic

First and foremost, before we dive into the article, you need to make sure to not panic. Keeping a cool head in such a situation is very important. That is because certain things have to be done quickly and smartly if you want to save your laptop.

Power off The Laptop

The ideal situation would be when you spilled water on your laptop, it was already powered off. But, unfortunately, this is usually never the case. That is why, the first thing you should do is to turn it off and if it’s being charged, immediately disconnect it.

Moreover, you should also power the laptop down immediately, because you don’t want the water to be mixed with the device’s electrical circuits while it still has a charger. The quickest way would be to press and hold the power button until you’re able to see that the machine has stopped working.

In addition, if your laptop has a removable battery, it should be taken out so that there’s absolutely no other way for the laptop to draw any kind of power. You should also remove detectable cables and devices from the laptop.

Dry the Laptop Inside Out

The next thing you should do is dry out the laptop completely. Use power towels or a dry cloth to soak up all the water you see on the outside of the laptop. Then slowly turn the laptop onto different sides and hold it there for a few seconds to ensure that all water is carried out from the inside.

Even when the laptop stops dripping, there’s still a chance for some moisture to be left on the internal components of the laptop. If you decide to turn the laptop on in this state, there’s a good chance of a short circuit. This could damage components of the laptop or even fry its board.

That is why you must wait until the laptop has dried before trying to power it on. Instead of rushing to watch the remaining Netflix episode, you can watch cable TV.

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Consider a Bag of Rice

This is one of the most popular ways to help salvage your laptop. All you need to do is take a huge bag of rice and place the laptop inside it. The rice should help absorb the remaining moisture by draining it out.

This makes it safe for you to try powering on the laptop. Keep in mind that this is not exactly a quick process, so you will need to leave your laptop this way for a few days.

Use a Hairdryer

This is yet another way to salvage your laptop. Put your hair dryer to cool air and hold it over your keyboard, and slowly move it around to drain any leftover water. Repeat the same methods on your laptop’s rear as well, but make sure it’s upside down, with the top edge of the display pointed at your feet.

This will ensure that all water is drained out. In fact, if you have an airy cupboard or a drying room, you can leave your laptop in there for a couple of hours for the water to evaporate. When you can see that there’s no more water draining out, you should try to power on the laptop.

Final Thoughts

If despite trying all the ways above, your laptop remains unresponsive, or you can see some serious signs of damage then there is not much that can be done. That said you should contact a professional repair service to see if they can salvage your laptop.

We hope this article helped bring your laptops back to life!


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