The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a regarded new pursuit that offers excessive homes in the Federal Capital under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program. This reasonable housing arrangement accompanies an ideal spot near Chakri Interchange, Motorway M-2, and New International Airport. It will be the ideal spot to call home as it offers minimal-cost residential property at decent rates with extravagant ways of life. The undertaking intends to give first-rate conveniences and facilities to esteemed residents. It will be a specific venture center point with an urbanized methodology. Do you want to invest in Capital Smart City?

Besides, this project offers 5,10, 20, and 40 Marla plots over an adaptable installment plan that reaches out for a considerable time. The director and CEO, Ghulam Hussain Shahid, is the exceptional man behind this great undertaking.


The residents of the Kingdom Valley are furnished with every one of the cutting-edge conveniences. Coming up next is the rundown of a few select, modern conveniences presented in this residential plan:

  • Ecological Environment:

Kingdom Valley builders have arranged its local area to protect natural resources. They ensure the ecological districts aren’t bothered by development and advancement. Thus, you can appreciate environmental elements loaded up with serenity and smoothness here

  • Sports Facility:

The residents of this city will be ready to appreciate elite sports amenities that position them among the best in their group. There won’t just be one sort or style of court yet a few choices accessible under one rooftop.

  • Wide Road:

The foundation and roads of this project are created with impressive skill, guaranteeing the ideal format. The primary road is adequately wide to give a fantastic look. Also, every one of its roads is roomy, which will leave you feeling great while passing through them.

  • Modern Design:

We are living in a time where city life is turning out to be more significant and famous. This contemporary city domain offers every one of the conveniences of an advanced society. Thus, nothing unexpected individuals maintain that their housing should mirror this super urbane air. Invest in Lahore Smart City.

  • High-Tech Infrastructure:

The housing society has been striving to make a feasible vehicle framework that guarantees the security of every individual who utilizes it. They are doing this by introducing an innovative foundation and evaluating new plans to work with people on foot and cyclists.

  • Huge Mosque:

All the designers are arranging a remarkable Jamia Mosque to address society’s issues. The designers are ensuring that the mosque can have the most extreme number of individuals, so the strict requirements of individuals are satisfied.

  • Educational Institutes:

The builders have expected to give their residents admittance to the best educational amenities. Accordingly, they intend to converse with different schools and universities to open their branches. Also, the society is decisively situated to be close to a few prestigious educational foundations.

  • Safe and Secure Community:

Living in a local gated area is rich. Besides the fact that you get security, peace, and serenity with 24/7 CCTV cameras that screen everything you might do. The residents of this new society can enjoy an elevated degree of safety with a skillfully planned limit divider. It will safeguard you against any potential interlopers.

  • Gas stations:

These days everybody has their vehicles or bicycles. They need to get refueled regularly; notwithstanding, living at Kingdom Valley implies you have a nearby fuel station. You don’t have to travel significant distances outside the valley to find a fuel station to refuel your vehicle.

  • Accessibility of Health Facilities:

The designers stand out in the well-being offices in the Kingdom Valley. For this reason, they will foster cutting-edge worldwide medical clinics and facilities open 24/7 with staff accessible consistently for crises.

  • Center of Commercial and Business Activities:

The builders have anticipated each need of the residents, including the financial and business. This implies that society will give an across-the-board shopping region with stores to meet your business needs inside the general public.

  • Community Center:

To keep residents socially dynamic, public venues will be the signal of their lives. Here they might appreciate exercises and partake in them as well.

  • Water Supply:

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad has intended to fabricate an excellent water supply for its residents. Moreover, they have likewise presented channel establishes that will give clean savoring water to guarantee everybody can enjoy this resource mindfully and not squander it.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad has immense lands that will change into dream manors and glorious lofts soon. At Kingdom Valley Islamabad, life is quiet and agreeable, and the cities all are incredible conveniences and are only within a short walk distance. You will not need to stress over anything while at the same time living in this astonishing housing society.

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