Everything You Want To Know About Trucker Hats

No other hat style was loved and despised in the form of a hat like a trucker hat, which has been coming and going in fashion since the 80s. But when it comes to style and performance, mesh trucker caps fit the bill, so why not? These trucker hats offer good breathability, flexibility, and a quick look. Whether you want to advertise your product/company, sell hats for outdoor events, or want to learn more about wholesale trucker hats, you have come to the right place. Let’s go inside.

What are trucker hats?

The Trucker hat is a foam baseball cap with a front, plastic mesh backing, and button closure. The mesh line is breathable (ventilated on sweaty heads) as caps were also intended to be worn and were usually worn by men on the move or by staff: mechanics, truck drivers, farmers, plumbers, loggers, spectators on tractors—drag, etc.

Why are they called truck hats?

In the early 1960s, rural businesses often gave (hence the nickname “give me hats”) to truck drivers, farmers, and the like, as an advertising item. They were later called “trucker caps.” These modified baseball caps were also cheaper to produce in bulk. Its long front foam panels are specially designed to carry logs. Capitalization is usually universal.

What is the difference between a snapback as well as a trucker hat?

The Snapback is a standard 6-panel baseball hat with a wide, flat surface and adjustable image closure on the back. Snapbacks are usually made from wool felt, cotton, polyester, grass, etc., while trucker hats (usual snapbacks) are made of mesh or plastic mesh and foam. Trucks were also known as mesh back baseball hats in the 60s.

Why are trucker hats popular?

Trucker hats became popular in the 70s and 80s because of the workers who wore them every day. This style of hat creates a quick look symbolized by the “hardworking American” in the culture of the rural working class. Trucker hats became a pop culture trend in the early 2000s when Hollywood celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Pharrell Williams, and Justin Timberlake began wearing them on national television. Soon, wealthy white town kids took to heart the trend as truck hats hit the streets of fashion.

How to make trucker hats fit better?

As mentioned above, trucker hats vary. Although the quick closure of these caps can be adjusted 1.5 times, you may need to order custom hats if you want to fit the size of a hat with a head circumference below or more than 22-23.5 inches.

Here are a few tips on how to make your new truck cap better:

  • Break up your new truck cap by wearing it as often as possible to fit your head shape.
  • Moisten the hat with warm water, place it immediately in a circular object the size of your head, and air dry out in direct sunlight so that the colors do not fade.
  • Choose a casual truck cap that fits any size comfortably and can fit your head better than a custom-designed truck cap.

Trucker hat care tips:

So, you want your new hat to be in good condition and color. Here are some tips from home textile experts:

If you do not use your hats, hanging them in a covered area or a protected place from dust, dirt, and moisture is best. By turning them, your hats will get better air circulation (inside and out) and thus prevent mold and any lousy odor from forming inside the layers.

Leave enough space between your hats to keep their shape and fresh air if you keep them straight. The mold is easily formed in a dark, damp place, like the lining of your clothes, so this is best to leave some space for better airflow.


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