Choose Best Rope Braiding Machines in 2022

The rope braiding machine , popularly known as braiding machine, is a multifunctional machine because it produces not only ropes, but also cords, shoelaces for sneakers and shoes in general, clotheslines, thread straps, etc., depending only on the manufacturer’s request.

Whatever the use that the rope braiding machine will have, it is of paramount importance to know the models and differences between them, so there are no future problems and headaches. So, get to know them below:

  • 100mm braid
  • 130mm braid
  • 170mm braid
  • 240mm braid

Know that the millimeter corresponds to the thickness of the product, so it varies from one rope braiding machine to another. It is also important to point out that the number of spindles of each machine will tell how many braids will be performed, depending only on the taste and need of the producer.

Having such information, you will only need to choose a reliable company to make the purchase of a rope braiding machine, always checking its quality, price and reputation in the market, avoiding losses and low-category products, since there are several bad companies intentions, where they are only concerned with profit.

Alibaba is a company specialized in offering the best rope braiding machines and other various machines, such as twisters, spiral machines, sling machines, in addition to spare parts and the excellent laser cutting service.

Rope braiding machine is a machine for braiding rope in industry . According to the braiding speed, it is divided into two types : high-speed machine and ordinary machine . According to the type of braiding rope , it can be divided into three types: three-dimensional rope braiding machine , circular braiding machine and twisting machine . Definition: A rope braiding machine is a machine for industrial rope weaving .

The high-speed braiding machine in our factory is mainly used to produce round ropes, special bands and shoelaces. 

This high speed braider has four heads and can produce 4 laces in time. 


  1. The base casting was machined in a machining center after aging treatment to ensure flatness. 
  2. The panel uses 800 ductile iron and has been machined in a machining center after aging treatment to ensure its precision and wearability. 
  3. The core shaft (turbine) rotor uses ductile iron 600, first machined in the machining center, then high frequency treatment on its surface to improve its hardness, then machined by the grinding machine of precision. 
  4. The fit tolerance between the base and the wheel is controlled at 0.03mm. 5. The rotor nylon bearing was molded from nylon 66 with imported wear grease to make it last longer. Specification: Model: Machine size (mm) 1100 x 1000 x 1700 Bobbin dimension 48*140MM Production heads 4 carriers per head 16 Max. RPM 300 Motor power (kW) 0.75 Voltage 220/380/VAC, 50/60Hz Max. MPH 60 x 4 

Quality Control: All machines will be inspected carefully before delivery. 

Overseas Service: We have agents in different countries, so overseas service is available. 

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