Black shower rail L-shaped

Complete black shower rail L-formed drapery bar, with inward cylinder Ø 20mm made of aluminum, the anodized surface in tempered steel look, dark powder-covered matches our sections and end pieces, slider width 6mm. The pole is made in one piece, overall round inconvenience-free way of the shower drapery, the corner is twisted with R=10cm, incl. gives drapery lightweight plane tempered steel snare.

A benefit of the give rails inward running profile is the likelihood to move the shower shade unreservedly along the whole length of the rail. The roof upheld are mounted in the upper run (attaching run) of the internal run profile and consistently keep the lower run (slider run) free, hence ensuring an overall difficulty-free way for the drapery. Our shower shade poles are subsequently obviously fit to set up a hindrance-free shower region for handicapped showers.

Request the right size and plan:

The requested sizes are outside components of the post. You can arrange the shower rail in shower plate sizes (the two sides are something similar) or in bath measures (the sides are various lengths). You can utilize our shower drapery poles left and right. Significant for cuts! The shaft is produced and conveyed in one piece, however, the post closures can continuously be abbreviated. So understanding the right size is dependably conceivable. We can do the shortening for you or you can abbreviate the bar yourself during getting together. Assuming that you believe we should abbreviate the shower shade rail, kindly select the following appropriate size, and kindly enter the ideal end aspects in the “Abbreviate shower rail”

Eg you want a shower drape bar 135x75cm. Kindly select the size “140x80cm” and write in the “Abbreviate shower drape bar” field: “Abbreviate to 135x75cm!”. We will make the bar likewise and send it in the ideal size.

Shower drapery bar tones:

Our shower drape rails are produced using an aluminum internal profile of Ø 20mm. You can pick the accompanying surfaces: tempered steel look, matt dark, and gleaming dark. The frill – the roof sections, the wall sections, and the end covers can be requested in the proper materials: glossy silk dark aluminum. It is likewise conceivable to consolidate the varieties, for example, B: dark or pure dark

The embellishments are made of aluminum with a dark glossy silk finish:

L-formed bent give bar inward profile Ø 20mm made of aluminum, the matt dark surface impeccably matches our sections and end pieces.

Wall mounting with wall sections made of aluminum, dark glossy silk finish:

This aluminum section permits stable wall mounting of inward rails opposite to the wall. First, mount the wall-bearing plate with a strung hedge on the wall. Slide the wall-bearing cap onto the bar. Slide the bar onto the strung bushing. Screw the cap onto the strung shrubbery. Lock the bar with a grub screw.

Close the shower drape pole closes with aluminum end covers, a dark silk finish:

The cap is put on the aluminum rail. The cone-shaped inward state of the aluminum cap guarantees an exceptionally protected hold, yet additionally simple evacuation of the end cap.

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